What you should know about the Georgia Super Speeder Law

by Seth Azria on 3/09/2017

What is the Georgia Super Speeder Law?

A "Super Speeder" is any driver, including out-of-state drivers, convicted of:

  1. Speeding at 75 mph or more on a 2-lane road; or,
  2. Speeding at 85 mph or more on any road or highway in the State of Georgia.

If your vioaltion falls within the criteria for Super Speeder, the law requires that you to pay $200, in addition to the court fines and fees.

How will I know about the Super Speeder Fine?

Once convicted of speeding at 75 mph or more, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will notify you of the $200 Super Speeder fee by mail. You will have 120 days to pay the fee.

If you fail to pay the fee within the 120 days, your driving privilege will be suspended. To lift the suspension you will be required to pay an additional $50 reinstatement fee on top of the $200 Super Speeder fee.

Consult a Professional to Learn About the Consequences of Your Traffic Ticket

Additional fees and enhanced consequences for traffic ticket convictions like the Georgia Super Speeder Law are becoming more common around the country.

These stiffer laws make it a wise choice to always consult with a traffic lawyer before just pleading guilty. At times, a guilty plea will not be harmful but more often than not a conviction by plea of guilty will cause excessive expense and limitations on your driving privilege that may be avoided.

For more information on the Georgia Super Speeder Law, including payment options, please visit:  Georgia DSS | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Super Speeder

If you have already been assessed the Super Speeder penanlty you may pay the fee online at the Georgia Department of Driver Services by clicking here



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