About the Georgia Limited Driving Permit

by Seth Azria on 4/28/2017

If you’ve lost your Georgia driving privilege to suspension or revocation there may be some help for you. Often you may be eligible for a Limited Driving Permit while your license is suspended or revoked. These permits are available only for a fee, the fees are generally about $25 except for a habitual violator who must pay $210. Click here for a list of the fees. 

The Limited Driving Permit (LDP) allows you to drive to:

  • Work; and,
  • Doctor or pharmacy; and,
  • School; and,
  • Drug or alcohol support groups; and,
  • Driver's education
  • Court, probation, or community service; and,
  • Unlicensed family members doctor’s appointments; and,
  • Any accountability court ordered activity.

The LDP is not available to drive a commercial vehicles. If Georgia DDS deems necessary, it may specify the places you can travel, the vehicle you use, and the route you may take.  DDS will revoke a LDP if the driver is convicted of violating any law related to vehicles, or if an additional suspension imposed.



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